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Viktor was born in poverty. when he was born his family was already suffering with money and keeping a roof over there heads and having some sort of food. His natural father wasnt part of the picture and his mother was a ex whore, she got out of the buisness when she had his older brother travis, but was forced back in after travis turned 5. She then got pregnant with viktor and finally decided she was threw with being in this life and ran away to the next city and hid her identity. she had viktor in a old apartment on a snowy night in november alone. when viktor turned 6 his mother married, however they struggled greatly to survive. there were times when the didn't have electricity or water or heat. there were also times when they didnt have food. the struggle was great, and it came with terrible losses. on one terrible winter viktors brother travis died from illness from the cold. later his own mother passed from giving birth to his little sister anastasia. 
  Years went by and his step father took over and cared for him and his baby sister. His step father decided enough was enough and became part of the russian mob and worked his way to be being one of the respected mobsters in the family. his stepfather raised them in a new life with food, water, and warmth. as viktor grew up he never forgot the hardships in his early life and the loss of his mother and older brother. he refused to ever fall into that old life and began to get involved with mob at a young age by the help of his step dad.
  At the age of 18 he earned the title of being the mobs "cleaner", whenever the mob had a problem with a certain someone, it was viktors job to take care of that problem. 
When viktor turned 25 his step father died of cancer, so it was now just him and the only family he had left in the world, anastasia, his baby sister only 18. he decided to take a leave from the russian mob to take care of his sister. he cared deeply for her and also is very protective, he didnt want her getting into any problems like there mother and decided to leave to london. 
  After 2 years passed, viktors hunger to be in the buisness grew and he began to slowly get involved once more...


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