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Shy's past is somewhat mysterious.

She never knew her mother. Her father never wanted to talk about her or who she was, so the subject was always avoided.

Growing up she was always by herself, she was too timid around kids her age and scared to talk to anyone she didnt know.

This led to her having imaginary friends. One in particular she grew accustomed to have around alot, she called her fay. And fay was just like shy except opposite. Fay was mean and hurtful while shy was sweet and kind.This friendship lead to shys multi personality disorder.

Threw middle school her disorder was more active. Fay would apear every time shy was being bullied or teased. Sometimes when shy is depressed and would hurt herself in spite. When the bullying hit its peak a student was sent to the hospital. This is when shys father finally took action and got the help shy needed and wanted.

Shy and her father then moved away to start over. She got better throughout highschool, however stuck to herself in fear of hurting anyone who got to close.

Now in college she became lil more social...though shes still timid around others


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Currently attending College. While working at the post office shorting mail.


Extra Details

When she was younger she suffered from depression and a hint of personality disorder. Throughout those long years shes gotten better and healthier. She still has to take her meds though .

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Has a star shaped birthmark on her side

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Meet Shy , shes a lovely goat with a promising future and a mysterious past.

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Open to role-playing

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Something kinda with daily life. Like hanging out at a park, carnival, festival, or even at college.