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~Welcome to my realm mortals~

I am SparkleMutt , a traditional/digital artist and fellow furry.

Don't worry I don't bite...much *grins devilishly *

Here's a little info of myself:

I can be a sweet loving sensitive person.

I Can also be a twisted kind of happy funny crazy.

Im random and silly,

And i like to joke around and be a nerd.

**Do I RP?:  oh i enjoy it !! * tail wiggle* (( yes))**



I love my husband with a passion of a thousand stars

Im a severe addict to music

I adore books

I love all animals , furry to scaley.

Art is my escape

I love the classics

Movies movies movies


I hate cruelty

Drama is a bitch

Manipulation of others








My art varies from being sweet and innocent to dark colourful and wacky.

However I can do pretty much anything as long as its legal and I'm comfortable with it.

((~~YOU CAN ALSO FIND ME AT : Sparkle-Mutt @ FA ))


⚡ " Live Long and Prosper" ⚡



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Requests Closed

So Requests are now Temporarly CLOSED I have a good emount on my Que now Once i finish my first round ill open up again on a new topic 😄 Queue: 1. :iconTangentTheWolfy: 2. :iconOdysicon: 3. :iconJoe Ronald Martin Nat-Khan Engicon: 4. :iconthatartsyfolf: Thank yall again for participating 💙...
5 days ago
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Requests Open

So Yea Request are OPEN These will be a Guest Feature Requests. So say Your Character and my Characters interacting. I want to get better at doing scenery and background work So this will help . ❤ As well as treating you lovely's to some free art ❤ /\ /\ ~( * x *)
6 days ago


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Female · Goat · Heterosexual · Scorpio
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Meet Shy , shes a lovely goat with a promising future and a mysterious past.
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Female · Dog · Scorpio
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Nicknames Sparkle
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thanks a ton for the fav!

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Of course!! You have lovely art keep it up :)

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Thanks again :3

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Thanks so much for subscribing to me! C:

SparkleMutt · 3 months ago · 1 Reply

No problem:) cant wait to see more of your lovely work :)

Nikkoleon · 3 months ago

I hope I won't disappoint!

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4 months ago

What a lovely little pupper. Thanks for the fav, buddy ♥ ! There's more where that came from.

SparkleMutt · 4 months ago

Sweet !! can't wait scaley dude :D !!

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* boop your snoot *

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:D * squeak*

Lyeox · 9 months ago


Lioness Lee posted to SparkleMutt

9 months ago

?Thank you for subscribing!❤️

SparkleMutt · 9 months ago


* lays on the floor playing lana del ray loud*  =~=

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Hey there, thank you for the sub! c: I also noticed that you joined our roleplay group, so welcome to that  too~ :3  

SparkleMutt · 10 months ago

D`aww tanks -grins -

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Thanks for the sub! 

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19/06/2016 22:18

Hello and welcome on my subscriber-list :3

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Oh cool art*Subscribes*

SparkleMutt · 19/06/2016 04:49 · 3 Replies

Why thank you , & to you as well * pokes snoot out of pillow fort*

AlphaYellaWolf · 19/06/2016 04:53


SparkleMutt · 19/06/2016 04:58

Shall i donate thee a pillow * smirks , slowly rising  my pillow crowned head*

AlphaYellaWolf · 20/06/2016 01:47

*bows*Thy pillow crown will be honored

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06/06/2016 19:26

❥ Thank you for Subscribing. ♫

SparkleMutt posted

30/05/2016 13:34

Going to be working on a Memorial Day peice for my husband...he was in the Navy...i hope he likes it

* thinking at my work desk*

SparkleMutt posted

26/05/2016 20:29

Loving this sunshine after a whole week of rain. Now off to do some of  my daily shenanigans. * bounces away*

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