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~Welcome to my realm mortals~

I am SparkleMutt , a traditional/digital artist and fellow furry.

Don't worry I don't bite...much *grins devilishly *

Here's a little info of myself:

I can be a sweet loving sensitive person.

I Can also be a twisted kind of happy funny crazy.

Im random and silly,

And i like to joke around and be a nerd.

**Do I RP?:  oh i enjoy it !! * tail wiggle* (( yes))**



I love my husband with a passion of a thousand stars

Im a severe addict to music

I adore books

I love all animals , furry to scaley.

Art is my escape

I love the classics

Movies movies movies


I hate cruelty

Drama is a bitch

Manipulation of others








My art varies from being sweet and innocent to dark colourful and wacky.

However I can do pretty much anything as long as its legal and I'm comfortable with it.

((~~YOU CAN ALSO FIND ME AT : Sparkle-Mutt @ FA ))


⚡ " Live Long and Prosper" ⚡



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Update and Fursuit

Hello guys, Looks like I ended up letting life take me away for awhile again. Just wanted to let yall know Im doing fine. Last several weeks been just crazy busy. Also some family trouble with my dad just being a jerk.... Anyways. Ive also found a Fursuit maker that will be making SparkleMutt f...
4 days ago
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Requests Closed

So Requests are now Temporarly CLOSED I have a good emount on my Que now Once i finish my first round ill open up again on a new topic 😄 Queue: 1. :iconTangentTheWolfy: 2. :iconOdysicon: 3. :iconJoe Ronald Martin Nat-Khan Engicon: 4. :iconthatartsyfolf: Thank yall again for participating 💙...
1 month ago


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Female · Goat · Heterosexual · Scorpio
Role-playing Yes
Meet Shy , shes a lovely goat with a promising future and a mysterious past.
9 months ago


Female · Dog · Scorpio
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Nicknames Sparkle
10 months ago


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Species: cat
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Species: Pin Walker
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thanks a ton for the fav!

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Thanks for subscibing!

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Thanks for subscribing to me! :3

SparkleMutt · 5 months ago

Of course!! You have lovely art keep it up :)

KaoriKitteh · 5 months ago

Thanks again :3

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5 months ago

Thanks so much for subscribing to me! C:

SparkleMutt · 5 months ago · 1 Reply

No problem:) cant wait to see more of your lovely work :)

Nikkoleon · 5 months ago

I hope I won't disappoint!

Nkechi posted to SparkleMutt

5 months ago

What a lovely little pupper. Thanks for the fav, buddy ♥ ! There's more where that came from.

SparkleMutt · 5 months ago

Sweet !! can't wait scaley dude :D !!

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9 months ago

Thanks for the fav!

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Thanks so much for the sub!~ ^v^

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Thanks for the sub sparkle!! ♥

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Thank you so much for the sub! 

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* boop your snoot *

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>:U *boops the snoot back*  

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:D * squeak*

Lyeox · 11 months ago


Lioness Lee posted to SparkleMutt

11 months ago

?Thank you for subscribing!❤️

SparkleMutt · 11 months ago


SparkleMutt posted

11 months ago

* lays on the floor playing lana del ray loud*  =~=

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11 months ago

Hey there, thank you for the sub! c: I also noticed that you joined our roleplay group, so welcome to that  too~ :3  

SparkleMutt · 11 months ago

D`aww tanks -grins -

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Thanks for the sub! 

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19/06/2016 22:18

Hello and welcome on my subscriber-list :3

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19/06/2016 02:41

Oh cool art*Subscribes*

SparkleMutt · 19/06/2016 04:49 · 3 Replies

Why thank you , & to you as well * pokes snoot out of pillow fort*

AlphaYellaWolf · 19/06/2016 04:53


SparkleMutt · 19/06/2016 04:58

Shall i donate thee a pillow * smirks , slowly rising  my pillow crowned head*

AlphaYellaWolf · 20/06/2016 01:47

*bows*Thy pillow crown will be honored

JBCblank posted to SparkleMutt

06/06/2016 19:26

❥ Thank you for Subscribing. ♫

SparkleMutt posted

30/05/2016 13:34

Going to be working on a Memorial Day peice for my husband...he was in the Navy...i hope he likes it

* thinking at my work desk*

SparkleMutt posted

26/05/2016 20:29

Loving this sunshine after a whole week of rain. Now off to do some of  my daily shenanigans. * bounces away*

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