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So yeah I suck but im offering free art..

Published: 09/04/2018 21:30


Sorry for ghosting so much

But hey im off for two days so yeah thats cool

Im free to talk and stuff.

Plus im offering free colored sketches


Im only doing two however

So show me your cool ocs and I'll pick which one

Please dont be upset if I dont pick yours, just want to be calm with my free art this time.

So yeah you guys,  hit me up if yall want

Inqu · 04/04/2018 23:16 · 4 Replies

I dont think you suck, i think youre art is fine~

SparkleMutt · 04/04/2018 23:48

Ahh thanks ! I try though i should be doing more but like i said i just suck lol

Inqu · 05/04/2018 00:26

Well, time cures all things ive heard~

SparkleMutt · 05/04/2018 00:35

Yea I suppose

Inqu · 05/04/2018 00:41


Joe Ronald Martin Nat-Khan English · 04/04/2018 23:28

Please can you do Mr Insanity again: . He is a herm (You can do him as any gender; I mean you can do him as male or female or herm, I don't really bothered about that.). Also, if you want to do it in any of age rating. I'm fine with tame up to adult age rating. I’m just saying.

Bran · 05/04/2018 17:57 · 2 Replies

>,> u rainbow blep, ur art is dope mcnasty

SparkleMutt · 05/04/2018 18:07

Ahhh shoot guy!

Bran · 06/04/2018 02:53

Thats right! Rekt! Keep arting ur pretty arts and Ill keep lookin at em!

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