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So something pretty stupid happened the other day with my family and I got really mad....

I was driving around with my brother and sister (Who are younger than I am)
and we decided to stop at a fast food joint and I noticed that the guy working the
counter was one of my friends from highschool. He is female to male, and it was
about a good 6 months since we saw eachother. Welp, my intolerant brother and
sister decided to start bashing on him with transphobic slurs and other shit.
It really broke me up inside, and all I did was drive off not knowing what the fuck to do,
he started crying too... and I felt like a complete ass on behalf of my idiot
brother and sister. I went through highschool with him and we always went to eachother
over our problems with other people and stuff. So I had this drawn, and went back and gave it to him.
He loved it so fucking much....

Just letting anybody else out there struggling with gender.
You are not alone.

Art by: Haizerbean!

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