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My first WildeHopps piece (and certainly not the last) of Judy and my OC WildeHopps kit. I'll be working on his bio but just to let you all know. This is a scene from the Fanfic I'm busy writing, that you can read about here: https://archiveofourown.org/works/21807532/chapters/52038760, and here Judy is presenting her son at the ZPD Halloween Party as Junior in Chief. Before someone asks, the kit is 3 years old and has a pacifier in his muzzle, but I kind of messed up the proportions a bit.

Below is a bio for the kit:

Name: Kevin Ethan Wilde

Species: Fox-Bunny Hybrid. Is a Red Fox, like his daddy, but the tip of his tail is white. The ears are like a bunnies, but are pointed at the top. His eyes are like his moms
Personality: Playful, Mischief, Cheerful, Sly(Like his Dad)
Likes: Blueberries, Anime, Playing with Toys, Cuddles, Being Cuddled, Giving Hugs, His Dad, His Mom, His uncle Finn, Drawing, Playing outside, Reading a book with an adult, Playing with others
Dislikes: Getting into trouble, Mom being mad at him, Time-Out, Not being allowed to eat Blueberries, When somebody he cares about is sad, Take naps during his shows,
Additional Information: Whenever he gets into trouble he trys to talk his way out of it, or blame it on somebody else. When he asks you for something he will give you sad eyes, like he's close to crying. When he was a baby, but still does it now, he would use your thumb as a pacifier if your paw is near his muzzle.

Don't use this art without my Permission!!!
Kevin E. Wilde is an OC Copyright Spectra98

Oh, one more thing I'm work on a series of drawings with Kevin interacting with other individuals.

Have a nice day,

Originally posted Nov. 25 2019: https://www.deviantart.com/spectra98/art/Senior-and-Junior-Chief-of-Police-821397903

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