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Black City and the Future

Published: 4 months ago

=11ptAfter some deliberation and talking with my Patrons on Discord; I have decided to keep Black City on indefinite hiatus.
=11ptDuring this last hiatus, I have had time to think about my future and my household. One of the things is that I have been unhappy with how Black City is going and the time it is eating from me. I have found myself hurrying through it and that is damaging the quality of the comic and only increasing how unhappy I am with it.
=11ptBlack City is not being abandoned, just shelved for not. I plan on revisiting the universe that we created at some point in the future; but for now, I need to be here for my family and not be dragged down by the demands needed for Black City.
=11ptI truly appreciate the support I have gotten for the last few years on this massive undertaking and I hope to keep you guys on for the future.
=11ptMy commissions will stay open and the same perks of being a Patron will still apply. I am going to be taking up a new project, one that doesn’t eat as much time as the others and that will be a comic for Starlight. Some of you have already seen what I have been playing with but now it will get actual time for it.
=11ptStarlight is planned as a web comic and I might try some new things with it but the release schedule will not be anywhere near as demanding on top of being more assessable to a wider audience.

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