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I'm gay and 19

Writer, artist, gamer, violinist.

Jack of all Trades, Master of None, and NO one masters me!

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A Call For War

A Call for War SVH I find it very strange to be counted on for a responsibility that isn't related to me To be expected so much in so little time. It stresses me out, makes me want to just quit being someone I don't know. I only did that for you But you're not listening, paying attention or anyth...
05/03/2020 16:10

Kryptonite: A Poem For Him

Kryptonite SVH Oh, my god, yes I've finally found the one! I squeeze my arms around him, crying in joy and relief It's been almost five years since we last spoke. He laughs and hugs me tightly, a look of contentment on his features, And I smile, glad to have finally met him He is only a year olde...
03/03/2020 17:29


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Farron The Fox

Male · Fox · Gay · Libra
Role-playing Yes
Nicknames Farron
Undead Lone Warrior
3 months ago


Male · Fox · Gay · Libra
Role-playing Yes
Nicknames Spikey, Buttercup
03/03/2020 13:57


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SpikeFox87 posted

3 months ago

Yeah.. I'm back... Sup?

Been a year or two I know.

Been kinda busy. Hope to upload more often

AutisticWerehog posted to SpikeFox87

02/03/2020 19:17

Hi there! :)

SpikeFox87 · 03/03/2020 13:56

hello there

AutisticWerehog · 03/03/2020 13:58 · 1 Reply

You roleplay by any chance? UwU

SpikeFox87 · 03/03/2020 17:21

yes i do sir ^^

AutisticWerehog · 03/03/2020 17:23

You wanna do it here?

SpikeFox87 · 03/03/2020 17:25


SpikeFox87 · 03/03/2020 17:25

or pms maybe

AutisticWerehog · 03/03/2020 17:29

Yeah! Pm me! OwO

SpikeFox87 · 03/03/2020 17:32

ok thx

AutisticWerehog · 03/03/2020 17:36

No! Thank you! X3

AutisticWerehog · 03/03/2020 17:45 · 1 Reply

You there dude?

SpikeFox87 · 04/03/2020 13:08


AutisticWerehog · 04/03/2020 13:12

You gonna be active?

SpikeFox87 · 04/03/2020 13:14

yeah just a sec

AutisticWerehog · 04/03/2020 13:14