Shards of Darkness

Furry Fanfiction

Gear POV

I knew that Vixen trusted my words and held comfort to them; as much as he wanted to deny that he did. But his newfound hope was quickly diminished as Shadowshard entered the tent abruptly again. Seeing as how I was with Vixen, unharmed and without punishment, he leered in at me taking a more wolfish appearance than his other counterpart. Back up, Shadowshard. I said briskly, unafraid of his presence whilst Vixen was around. His leering gestures became sharp and angry.

What... he gritted hoarsely, did you just say to me, pup? I repeated again, I said back off Shadowshard. Whatre you, both deaf and stupid? Shadowshard reared up, flourishing in a fresh burst of rage. DO NOT ADDRESS ME AS SUCH, YOU INCOMPETENT LITTLE FOOL! DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?? I challenged his posture coolly and replied calmly. Oh aye. Your name is Shadowshard. But names are meaningless if you do not live up to them. Contrary to popular belief, they dont hold power as one might think. And if Im being completely honest, I think you just made up that name to sound dangerous, and you have failed in my eyes. You try too hard. Its no wonder you seek attention from Lord Vixen, due to the ever so slight fact your own family couldnt suffice in your ugliness, as they casted you out. Hmph, pity that is. A real shame. I gave him a smug look, of which he responded by turning purple and twisted with rage. Shadowshard lunged at me, and I ducked easily. Tut tut, I teased, Youre quite clumsy. Is that inherent in folves as bumbling as you? Shadowshard roared in hatred and threw himself at me and I stood my ground, tensing to blast a torrent of electricity at him, when a blur flashed in front of me and he widened his eyes sharply, staring in the fierce golden menacing eyes of Vixen. STAND DOWN! he ordered hoarsely, dangerously. Shadowshard knew better than to argue, so he shook himself off and backed away from Vixen stiffly and out of his grasp, unable to challenge the piercing gaze of his Packmaster. Go, Shadowshard; you have duties to attend to elsewhere, not to just your Packmaster. Be grateful I didnt let him deal with you myself. Shadowshard snarled unpleasantly, Well meet again, brat. Ill find a way to punish you myself, when the time is right. Mark my words, Gear the Fox. Youll be sorry next time you cross paths with me alone, by the fang. Watch your tail, pup! With that, he stormed out of the tent, shoving the two outside sentries aside roughly, who yelped in surprise. Hearing his receding footpaws, Vixen turned to his attention back to me and he looked very grim for a moment. He sighed, Well deal with the folf at a later date. I suspect hell want you hurt for defying him. Now, I do agree that recruiting him was a terrible mistake. He still knows not of our secret deal but I daresay it wont be long before he finds out. Just be careful; so as not to set him off again. I nodded and gasped sharply as I shifted my left leg to move and a terrible pain shot through, though it faded as quickly as it had come. What? Vixen asked, concerned. I grimaced and shook off my pain. I-Its nothing... I said absentmindedly, desperate not to show my sudden discomfort. Are you sure? If he hurt you in any way, Ill skin him alive! Protecting you is my utmost priority, Gear. Let me look at that leg, please. I stumbled back as he approached, jerking my leg savagely and my whole calf screamed in agony and I cried out in pain. Vixen set me on the corner of a cot and pulled up my pant sleeve, revealing a swollen calf. He touched it tenderly and I hissed, tears in my eyes. Ah, he murmured softly. Youve a fractured calf bone. Its nothing major, an easy fix not to worry. But that folf is going to pay! Ill go pay him a short visit soon.... Vixens eyes glowed briefly for a moment and I whimpered, knowing what was next. War in the Pack was coming, there was little doubt now about that. War was imminent and Vixen knew all too well... An attack against one Pack member was an attack on all, but because it was me, this was personal and Vixen would make it very clear that wasnt tolerated at all.
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