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Ayo, being Yazhi's brother, has much the same home life as her. However, he did not suffer the bullying that she did due to his 'friends-with-everyone' attitude. He looked after everyone and tried to cheer them up the best he could, often acting like an utter idiot just to make someone laugh. Yazhi's previous depression weighs on him heavily, and he always hangs around her, keeping an eye on her even into college. After gaining passes in 10 GCSEs, he joined Yazhi at her college, taking up a course in art and design which he adores so far.

Favourite Color


Currently in full time education


yazhi harlin

Relationship Sister
Female · Wolfdog · Asexual · Cancer
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31/10/2015 15:19

Extra Details

Very, VERY, clingy. He's lovable, cute, charming, and actually quite strong. He loves entertaining others but doesn't really have any friends. He's very much used for his good nature, but doesn't really mind because he knows there are a select few that love him. He sometimes can feel invisible, which he combats by doing something utterly and completely stupid.


1.87 Meters · 6 Feet, 1.62 Inches


63.5Kg · 9 Stone, 13.99 Pound

Eye Colors

Extra Attributes

Scars: Small scar on his ankle

Piercings: Snake bites

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