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Yazhi is a boyish girl, loving animals more than people. Her language skills and writing excel but her maths skills, however, do not. She was mostly alright at school, but around the age of 5, other kids began bullying her. Little things, that grew and grew. They sometimes made it physical, once ending with her having a black eye. She made it through, though, and journeyed into high school. The bullying got worse, and her father started to ignore her; his drink becoming more important than seeing her every Sunday. Her anger issues got worse, and it was made clear to teachers that something was wrong, but nothing seemed to change. Year 8 and 9 brought more severe physical bullying, with her being jumped and smashed over the head, having her head punched into refrigerators, and so on. Yet again, though, she made it through, even making friends and developing a relationship in Year 10 that stemmed the two years so far. She passed high school, with all eleven subjects above a C, securing a place at a college specialising in animal studies. She started her course at the beginning of September and it's been going well so far.


Currently in full time education but looking for work.


ayo harlin

Relationship Brother
Male · African-wild-dog · Bisexual · Cancer
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Extra Details

Highly/slightly bipolar depending on the day, prone to depressive mood swings and is deeply affected by losing friends. Swear words are a huge part of her vocabulary, but she's actually very intelligent. Alex is also very loyal and protective, adoring her friends and brother. She is, however, very socially awkward, and tends to freeze in situations where people are talking to her. She also can't understand accents very well. Also tends to start arguments with emotional charge, then shut down when she knows she can't win, then doesn't remember what started the argument in the first place. She'll also over-think to the point she solidly believes something, and often feels like people are just tolerating her and hoping she will go away.


1.6 Meters · 5 Feet, 2.99 Inches


50.8Kg · 7 Stone, 13.99 Pound

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Scars: Small one on her neck, six on her left hand that are covered by fur, and nine on her left arm that are barely noticeable apart from the one that goes deeper than the others.

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