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Well this was a hefty piece of work.
Carries a lot of emotion, and I actually completely cut out some of the original drawing (there was a faded image in the foreground which I thought killed the picture.)

But anyway, to what this piece means to me;

It's new beginnings. My move to college has brought with it stress and assignments, but has also made my life so much better. I'm friends with my whole class, I don't get bullied anymore, I feel the generally happiest I've been in a long time.
The transition from school to college has been an amazing one, and I can thank the wonderful people making up my class for that; thank you guys for being so.... well.... not the people at school.
School held a lot of dark times for me, I basically only came in because I knew my friends needed me. I know I slipped into depressive stages when I was there, no thanks to the people surrounding me putting me down for most everything I did.
Even during the summer I didn't feel comfortable. I didn't want to move on, I wanted that summer to last forever because it hit me that I can't be the way I am for my whole life. I don't want to grow up, I don't want to have responsibility. I wanted to keep on being my derpy little self with my derpy friends.
Of course, that couldn't happen.
Towards the end of the summer I had a lot of time to think. A few battles went on inside my head and that's what this picture represents; the conquering of the demons that once haunted me.
They still lurk, every now and then nipping and reminding me of my flaws and fears, and for that, I apologise to anyone I hurt.
But mostly, they're gone, kept at bay by better people and a better life.
One I can only hope will get better from here on out.
With this I put my knife away and find the strength to push on, the battle is over, but the war has just begun.

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