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Welcome to my page where you'll find 3D and 2D artwork and animations! I have tea over there on the stove top, so please help yourself!

Personal Bio: Wisconsin born, raised, and currently residing. I am a PC and console gamer. Love my SNES. My favorite game is Super Metroid, while my favorite series is Metal Gear Solid. Lion King is the best Disney movie. Graduated with two degrees; modeling and animation. I love to travel and explore new places. Love hole in the wall eateries and hunting for tasty burgers. Car enthusiast, music lover and player, admirer of nature, romantic sap, not a chef but I try.

Current FA icon created by the wonderful Pepperdance on FA Go check them out!

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October Update

 Current Projects:   [lb] Apple Filled Sergal (Animation)[lb] Jax/Wyvern Interactive (Animation)[lb] Aerys Hellscape (Scene)[lb] Spruce-art
1 month ago


Hey hey! Got a few new pages! I'll be posting a fair amount of artwork the next couple weeks to catch these new pages up to what I got so far to date on FA
2 months ago


Del Kon posted to Spruce Moki

2 months ago

SNES is very good thing. Great choice :)

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