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Published: 03/01/2019 16:31

It's my birthday! 28 stinkin years now XD 

AND it's also the anniversary for going self employed with Spruce Art! I mean, I technically was around before then but that's when I quit my full time job to try to make it as an artist. And although I had to pick up two part time jobs to aid in my bills I'm definitely doing decent on the art front!

Notable milestones include:
-Hitting 1000 watchers on FA and 1000 subs on YouTube.
-Breaching $1000 of income one month on Patreon when the Bat Explorer went on early release, though that's since come back down. 
-Got a website mostly built Spruce-Art.com and it looks pretty okay!
-Started a discord with some great people on it. Follow link to join! https://discord.gg/f2yEe7A

There were a couple shortcomings though, unfortunately. I haven't met my income goal on Patreon yet of $1500/month. Additionally, income from Patreon has dipped over the last couple months due to (I'm guessing) the lack of animations being released. I've been working on a big one so it's just been taking all my time. It is rendering now though! 

With all that being said, I'd like to wish you all a happy new year again and hope everyone is well and successful in whatever they do!


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THECAGDL · 04/01/2019 02:48

Happy Birthday!


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