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WARNING: Peace loving, dirty liberal hippy chick here! I will love you whether you like it or not! 

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Please please please do not ask me why I watched you. I feel like I'm being put under a spotlight and just get super nervous and ick. I either liked your art, something you said, or watched you back when you watched me. Leave it at that and take it as a compliment please.

I love yenas so much!!


Yenas  World of Warcraft  Spots ❤ Long Tails  Wings  Chubby Girls  Glitter 
Lemurs ❤ Hypnosis ❤ FLYFF  Hermit Crabs ❤ Shiny Things  Chocolate ❤ Solitude ❤ Rain ❤ Dark 
Hermaphrodites ❤ Fish  Decay  Pit Bulls  Coffee ❤ Walking ❤ Evil Genius ❤ Androids ❤ Aliens 
Glowy Things  Roleplay ❤ Frogs ❤ Bumble Bees ❤ Beetles ❤ Ravens  Birds ❤ Slime  Claws 
Dragons  Demons  Foxes ❤ Cutie Marks ❤ Giants ❤ Fog  Candy  Balloons 
Coyotes  Wolves  Halloween ❤ Fluffy Tails ❤ Roaches ❤ Poppies  Plushies ❤ Quilts 
Muzzles  Transformation  Tentacles  Kisses  Moaning ❤ Tiger Lillies ❤ Big Men 
Knickers  Boyshorts ❤ Nudity ❤ Apocalypse ❤ Corruption 


All that is Sexy (AKA My F-list) |

I live in Arkansas. with my best friend and soulmate Golem

I am very very good at convincing myself that people don't like me. If I get quiet and don't contact you for a long time, that's why.


Name :: Pouncie, Yena, Pounce, Pet
Species :: Sparkledog alien, or hyena hybrid
Age ::Immortalllll
Gender ::Female
Sexual Orientation ::Sapiosexual/Strong preference for males/tg male/tg females
❤❤ :: TAKEN :: ❤❤


Thank you each and every one for your support as I work to improve my art as best as I can.
always appreciate Constructive Critique and Comments, as well as your faves and watches, even if I don't have time to reply!
.❤.❤.❤.You guys give me every reason I need to keep practicing.❤.❤.❤.



"But what I hope most of all is that you understand what I mean when I tell you that even though
I do not know you, and even though I may never meet you, laugh with you, cry with you, or kiss you, I love you. with all my heart, I 
love you."



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Female · Dog · Heterosexual · Gemini
Role-playing Yes
Nicknames Kaibutt, kee, kaikai
Fun li'l sparkledog who likes to smoke it up with her friends.
06/09/2017 00:32
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Female · Rabbit · Heterosexual · Libra
Role-playing Yes
Nicknames Trance, rainbows, bunny
Bunnywolf stripper with a heart of gold >.>
06/09/2017 00:32


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