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Hiya everybuddy! I am just a(n) amateur artist. I love rats and mice so a lot of my work will be centered around the cute squeakers. Feel free to message me or comment on my art, i won't bite!

Also i will take any constructive criticism you have to offer! I love it as it helps me improve as an artist, so please post your thoughts!


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Commissions open!

I am open for commissions! Any piece you get from me will be pay what you want, paypal only.
5 months ago
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New computer and A Rat's Tale

My amazing parents bought me a new(er) computer for the holidays! My old one is just about ready to kick the bucket so i am super thankful for it. That being said, i have to get used to the new laptop. The next few uploads for A Rat's Tale will be reference sheets of the characters featured so f...
6 months ago


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3 months ago


19/06/2017 21:37


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Danielle Graziano

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Danielle Graziano posted to Stellar

2 months ago

Thanks so much for the sub! I see you're a rat lover too ^^

Stellar · 1 month ago

Ratties are the best! ♥ I adore your art!

Exindiv posted to Stellar

8 months ago

Thank you for the fave.

Foxy Flapper posted to Stellar

18/06/2017 02:04

Thanks for the fave!

Stellar · 18/06/2017 02:07

Of course! x3

thatBADfolf posted to Stellar

01/06/2017 22:45

If you love rats, then why not be one? LOL 

Stellar · 02/06/2017 00:00

I do actually have a mouse sona, i just don't draw her haha

Cuddles posted to Stellar

16/03/2016 14:02

Thank you for subscribing :D

Stellar · 16/03/2016 16:05

Of course! ^^

Colin Kamisokuiru posted to Stellar

28/02/2016 18:26

th-thanks for the subscription... 

Stellar · 28/02/2016 20:22

Of course c:

Waffles posted to Stellar

31/01/2016 12:00

Oh hey! Thanks man! ^^

Nightshade posted to Stellar

01/12/2015 17:38

hey sleepyhead =D

Daze posted to Stellar

05/08/2015 15:53

Thanks for subscribing!

Duo Theus posted to Stellar

25/07/2015 18:05

Thanks for the subscription mate

Prince Lakota posted to Stellar

24/07/2015 21:51

Thanks for the sub!

Stellar · 24/07/2015 23:53 · 1 Reply

Thank you for subscribing back! ^^

Prince Lakota · 24/07/2015 23:58

Youa re welcome!

Tyrone posted to Stellar

20/07/2015 22:48

Thanks for the subscribe! :D

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