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A rat's tale update

So I have decided to completely redo a rat's tale from scratch, I wasn't liking how my art style jumped around and I feel a fresh start would be best for the comic. The first new panel will be uploaded within the next few days. Thank you for reading my comic, I appreciate it!
23/10/2019 14:07

Commissions open!

I am hoping to go to my first furry convention next year, so i'm starting to save up funds. That being said, i'm open for pay what you want commissions! I am open to drawing just about anything other than humans. It may take me up to 3 weeks or longer to finish a piece, but normally it does not t...
03/10/2018 11:12
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Commissions open!

I am open for commissions! Any piece you get from me will be pay what you want, paypal only.
31/12/2017 23:31
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New computer and A Rat's Tale

My amazing parents bought me a new(er) computer for the holidays! My old one is just about ready to kick the bucket so i am super thankful for it. That being said, i have to get used to the new laptop. The next few uploads for A Rat's Tale will be reference sheets of the characters featured so f...
23/12/2017 17:57

I am so happy right now

Oh my gosh there is a thing called "Anonymous Fairies" on furvilla and i have been searching for a certain anonymous fairy who drew hazel for almost a YEAR aND I FINALLY FOUND THE ARTIST I AM CRYING HELP ME AHHHH I NEED A HUG PLEASE HELP AHHHH THEY DID ART OF MY BABY HAZEL AND OML ITS BEAUTIFUL A...
03/06/2017 02:37
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NSFW commissions!

Offically open for NSFW commissions! Base price is $10. message me for details!
05/04/2017 23:34

A rat's tale

hi! Well it has been quite a while since i have posted about A Rat's Tale i do have to say Wot Wot! i recently started a new job, and it will be a bit before the next pages are uploaded, just as well i had to redesign an upcoming character.
09/03/2017 00:10
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In a slump

hey everyone, i haven't been uploading recently as i haven't been feeling like drawing. i have still been working on my comic, but i don't have a set schedule to upload the pages. sorry for the inconvenience.
14/12/2016 21:18

A Rat's Tale Update

I recently started a new job, so i haven't really had the time to work on a rat's tale and only enough to do a few commissions. I am NOT abandoning the comic but it may take a while for chapters to come. Sorry!
03/09/2016 21:54

A Rat's Tale Update

I recently started a new job, so i haven't really had the time to work on a rat's tale and only enough to do a few commissions. I am NOT abandoning the comic but it may take a while for chapters to come. Sorry!
03/09/2016 21:54

New paint program

Well I've finally updated/upgraded my paint tool . sai. New pages for A Rat's tale coming soon!
11/07/2016 20:48

Asks for "A Rat's Tale" Are currently OPEN

The next few pages of a rat's tale will be uploaded within the week, to celebrate chapter two i have opened asks! You can either ask the characters of the comic here or on their character pages. Your questions may effect the story and you can ask questions about other questions that have been a...
02/07/2016 08:38

New phone and A Rat's Tale updates

I just got a brand new phone and a new wifi source, this means that A Rat's Tale will have the rest of the pages for chapter 1 uploaded within the next few days! That being said, chapter two will have WAY more effort in the backgrounds of the panels. I may or may not open an "ask the characters "...
24/06/2016 22:51

Internet loss/ "A Rat's Tale" updates

I will not have internet for a few days/weeks, during that time i am going to finish off chapter one to my comic "A Rat's Tale" so when i regain my internet i can upload the last pages at one time. What's going to be in "A Rat's Tale, Chapter 2- Freedom" : Better backgrounds, introductions to ne...
12/06/2016 16:33
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Hello everybuddy! I'm currently doing commissions! I may do wome for free if the character is simple enough. :3 Can negotiate/ lower prices if needed. Please feel free to message me. I can take payment through paypal or Amazon gift cards, preferably paypal. Full body anthro: $5-$10 (Extra chara...
24/03/2016 09:16

Pay what you want commissions open again

Hello again everybuddy. I've opened back up my commissions. I'm trying to finish my fursuit, and what better way than to draw? I won't accept payment until i can show a sketch and you're satisfied with It. Will do multiple. I accept payment through paypal and amazon gift cards (no need to send ...
01/03/2016 23:21

Commissions closed

I won't be doing any more commissions for a bit, may reopen leter this week or next week.
28/02/2016 19:24


Hello everybuddy, Stellar here! I am currently trying to save up money to finish my fursuit/ order things i would need for my fursuit, that being said I'm taking commissions! The price you might ask? Pay whatever you want! (No less than $1 please!) I accept payment through paypal or amazon gift ...
26/02/2016 07:27

About XToli

XToli are an open species i have created, once you own one you can do whatever you want with it. XToli are a lot like rats or minks with their feral forms being about the size of a malamute. They communicate with chirps,purrs, and a barking like sound. They howl very rarely and it sounds like a c...
31/01/2016 12:45