Nessa the Cat is feeling Giddy
Artist Type: Anthro Artist

★ Hiya, my name is Nessa, or you can call me Strawbs ★

22 | Female | Manga Studio and Cintiq user | BC, Canada

[u][u] Commissions
I open through journals + you can check if a slot is open in my Current Queue.
If a slot is open it will say "OPEN" beside the number.
You can contact me by any site, or send me an email at sbpawprint[at]





I don't do them, sorry! I will once in a while post a journal offering it, but will not do it if asked otherwise.

Art Trades

I currently do not offer them, sorry!

Gift/Fan Ar
I'm totally cool and flattered if you want to draw my characters, so do feel free! All I ask is [u]NO adult/sexual situations or romantic situations. If you want to draw two characters together romantically, please do ask first.[u]


Sp00nzie posted to Nessa

10/10/2017 21:32

Is this account still active?

Sibyl posted to Nessa

29/08/2015 05:42

 OMG strawberry!!!???

Nessa · 29/08/2015 08:28

Yup! :3

Moonshot · 02/09/2015 15:22

Imma eat you! D:

Kachayin posted to Nessa

23/08/2015 04:40

 You draw lovely stuff! Wouldn't mind commissioning you sometime, but I can't find info about it. ^^;

MichiNoYami · 24/08/2015 15:53 · 1 Reply

are you on furaffinity also?  sorry just curious ^,^'

Kachayin · 24/08/2015 15:55
Nessa · 26/08/2015 21:03

Oh weird, I didn't get notified of this comment, I'm still getting used to this site!  

Nessa · 26/08/2015 21:03


Nessa · 26/08/2015 21:04

 And now I know entering makes a new comment haha I'm glad you like my work! You can find info here:

Nessa · 26/08/2015 21:04 · 1 Reply

 And in case that comment was towards me MichiNoYami, yes! I've been on FA for years, here you go:

Kachayin · 26/08/2015 22:19

 Thank you! Those prices are reasonable. ^__^ Will put you on my super-secret artists-to-commission list. :P Forget that you read this! >:D

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