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This is my mermaid OC, Kelly Seastar. :) Kelly is a cheerful and bubbly mermaid with a sad and lonely past. She was found off the coast of Santa Monica by Dr. Alice Kurogane, and has since taken up a life as a human. Kelly lives with a friend of Alice's, and she has come to trust him dearly. Kelly is now learning about human culture and life ashore. Kelly is very cheerful and friendly, and has proven to be a very fast learner. There is still a lot that she doesn't know or understand and humans, but with the help of the friends she has made, she is learning everything she needs to know.

As a mermaid, Kelly is able to change between her mermaid form and a human form. This is how she is able to live ashore and experience human daily life. To become human, all Kelly needs to do is completely dry her tail and fin. After that, her tail and fin will transform into a human pair of legs within a mere few minutes (between 1 and 5 minutes usually). She can then remain human as long as no part of her lower body gets wet (with the exception of one part, but that's private). If any part of her lower body gets too wet (at least 75%), Kelly will change back to her mermaid form. The transformation will take place no matter where she is so long as the needed condition is met. Because of this, Kelly has to be very careful around water while out in public.

Kelly Seastar is my character. Please do not use her distinct name and/or likeness without first asking for and receiving my permission.

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mermaid ♥♥♥♥♥

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