Suicidal-Silence the Wolgon is feeling Tired
Artist Type: Digital Artist


Commission Terms ofService & Prices

In Stream CommissionPrices
Sketches - $8
Ink - $10
Flats - $15

Flat Rate Price
$7.50 per hour

Subject Matter

Love Drawing
Fantasy Creatures (ex.
Manticore, Gryphon, etc.)
Creature Hybrids (ex. Lion
& Beetle, Bear & Rhino, etc.)

Like Drawing
Other Animals
Accessories (ex. Collars,
Jewelry, etc.)
Floating Island Scenery

Can/Will Draw
Backgrounds (still
learning more complex ones)
Detail Characters

Will NOT Draw
Adult Art
(Please ask if uncertain)

Contact Me

Make sure to include Commission or Commission Inquiry in title.
Please include Reference or Clear image of character(s)
I will NOT take written descriptions
Include if you don't wish your commission to be livestreamed.
Include if you need your commission done by a (reasonable) date.

PayPal Only
No E-Checks
Partial or Full Payment
after finalized Sketch
If I finish before the allotted time I will refund you the difference.
If I finish after the allotted time I will ask for rest of payment.
You will NOT receive your finished commission until full payment is received.
I will send you updates during sketching – After inking – After flat colors

Cancellations &
You can cancel at anytime
You will only be refunded for work I have not completed

If you ask for changes after Inking (ex. Adding in something, removing something, etc.) you may have to pay a small fee.
If you ask for changes after Flat colors (not a correction) you may will be charged at least $5.
The charge will also be dependant oh what the change is, how much it will take to do said change, and how complex the change is.


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Streamin!~ ONLINE

working on pumpkin pattern
12/09/2015 01:14
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New critter here!~ Hello!~

Hello Hello!~
19/07/2015 06:48


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Zorayda posted to Suicidal-Silence

14/10/2015 00:51

Thank you for the subscribe ♥

DerekRoo posted to Suicidal-Silence

12/10/2015 01:26

Thank you for the sub! Your art is amazing so I must sub back!

Suicidal-Silence · 12/10/2015 19:45

aw ♥ thanks you!  and you're welcome!~

Roo posted to Suicidal-Silence

02/10/2015 16:40

Thanks for the sub!

Suicidal-Silence · 03/10/2015 04:06


Thanks for the Sub hun !


Suicidal-Silence · 23/09/2015 22:37

Welcome!~ and Thank you!~

Thanks for the Sub hun !


RavensRyne posted to Suicidal-Silence

24/08/2015 00:17

Thank you so much for the sub!!! 

Suicidal-Silence · 24/08/2015 20:55

You're welcome!~ 

QueenGusher posted to Suicidal-Silence

23/08/2015 03:29

Thank you Kindly for the Sub~ ♥ 

Suicidal-Silence · 23/08/2015 19:48

Welcome!~ And thank you for the Sub back!

QueenGusher · 23/08/2015 20:00

 Nit a problem :D

Ossiekins posted to Suicidal-Silence

07/08/2015 07:43

I have more things in my gallery than you, I win x3

Suicidal-Silence · 07/08/2015 19:14


Suicidal-Silence · 07/08/2015 19:15

I'd have more if I uploaded them and finished them!

Ossiekins · 07/08/2015 19:15

then finish things, lazy xD

Ossiekins posted to Suicidal-Silence

20/07/2015 02:21

Suicide is awful. She doesn't share ice cream. Nobody trust her, she's an ice cream hog :o

Suicidal-Silence · 20/07/2015 04:24

well for all you know it was mint.
you don't like mint I do believe.

Ossiekins · 20/07/2015 04:32

no...I don't...but you said it had peanut butters and peanut butters and mint is likely pretty gross xD

Ossiekins posted to Suicidal-Silence

19/07/2015 07:34

stalkstalkstalkstalkstalkstalk right back. also macaroni

Suicidal-Silence · 19/07/2015 09:36

pffffffft now I want macaroni salad

Ossiekins · 19/07/2015 09:43

yes! good! hope you don't get any! I want chocolate chip pancakes...make me some

Suicidal-Silence posted

19/07/2015 06:36

Let's see what this place is like. So far so good!~