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Cool story inside! And comms open~

Published: 1 week ago


Why so early?
Because I want to upgrade my working tablet. Actually, I did it in the end of july! And this was my big mistake...
I bought myself a new graphic tablet, of Chinese brand. It came with defects, and that was very disappointing. I really wanted to upgrade my tablet, and had high hopes on new one. So, get a defective one was really hard to me. After some shenanigans with seller, I decided to make a full refund and send the tablet back. I learned, that ttrying to save money on your working stuff was a mistake. So, I choose to buy Wacom Cintiq Pro instead. That still will be really expensive, so I need to do a few commissions to keep our finances well.
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It was really nice if you decide to help me. I'll be very appreciated! <3
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