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Hello Everybody I'm Just your friendly Neighbor Hood Kirbil, I'm 23  Who enjoy's Looking at art and create my Own art! I'm From Washington State and I'm All way's looking for new friends too meet. I'm Demisexual In a closed relationship with a man Named Ubertech, we're all super friendly and Can't wait to see how this website performs and see what amazing people this community is. I'm really shy and quiet person half of the time, I do have anxiety disorder's so if you try to get in contact with me even if I dont respond (most likely going through an episode) just send a simple heart or something you think will make me feel better. I appreciate it all. and you'll see me improve :) At least I hope!

Feel free to add me just let me know where you found me otherwise I may think your a bot and just block you or ignore you!

I most likely will add more as time goe's along but until then... Kirbil Out

~My Characters~

Surelia Aries-Kirbil(Aardwolf/Jerboa Hybrid)

Elitia Dawn Rose- Albino German Shepherd

Fyra Dyfeiswyr- Farble


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Anybody doing icons?

Hey everybody I am looking for some reasonable icons that can feature my main 2 characters lia and elitia. Let me know prices and I may not be able to purchase right away or if you want practice go ahead!! I love seeing what you guys can do.
03/08/2015 16:25

Warning Large Upload

Just wanring you all, I'm doing a Large upload of my art as I just found this website and you know gotta have it all :| Hopefully it will be organized While I upload it for you all!!!
02/08/2015 21:48


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Surelia Aries

Herm · Hyena · Asexual · Scorpio
Role-playing Yes
Nicknames Lia or relia , sure
Read discription on picture!
12/07/2016 20:49


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Sara Fox

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Surelia posted

03/08/2015 16:20

I'm thinking I need a new icon of my 2 characters together something thst really pops

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