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This profile houses the collaboration pieces of
SweettheSour (N.T. Crotser) and Cyiancefiction (C.R. Crotser)

The two artists are a married couple and make stories, comics, and adult artwork.
What you can expect here is all collaborative works of the two.

Ongoing Projects:
Clan Rikier (webcomic),

Current Residence: Morton, Illinois, United States of America
Operating System: GNU+Linux, AmigaOS
DM of choice: XFCE
Tools of the Trade: Huion Kamvs 191-GT pen display, Hewlett Packard z220-SFF workstation, Amiga 3000, Epson 580 flatbed scanner, Recycled paper sketchbooks, .3-.5-.7mm mech pencils.
Software: Ubuntu Linux 18.04 (LTS), Krita, The GIMP, Inkscape, Deluxe Paint V (Amiga), Disney Animation Studio (Amiga).



N. T. Crotser is an American freelance illustrator, artist, and cartoonist who specializes in Anthropomorphic, Retro-futuristic, and Surrealistic art. A self-taught artist, he uses a Huion pen display (GT-191) paired with raster graphics program Krita and a Linux powered computer to create most of his artwork. His art style is influenced by the works of Tim Burton, David Hopkins, John K., and Jhonen Vasquez. He discovered the furry fandom in mid-2006 and joined Fur Affinity in 2007 as Ni2. He is an active artist on the art site Weasyl under his SweettheSour handle. In addition, he regularly works on collaborative art projects with his wife C. R. Crotser.

Bio coming soon!


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