SyphNeon the Fennec fox is feeling Crushed
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I am open for commissions! Paypal shall be sent through Private Message! Prices Traditional: Headshot: $3 Head and Bust: $4 FullBody: $5 Make it a badge: +$1 Digital: Headshot: $4 Head and Bust: $5 Fullbody: $6 Make it a badge: +$1 Digital and Traditional: Couples Drawing: $10
14/04/2017 03:27

Submit a question

Similar to Kinaj's ask the cast. I'll be doing something like that too. Submit a question to either of these characters. Syph Aten Cynthia Nicole (Syph's mother) The Pharaoh.
25/02/2017 03:15

Depressing Journal

Welp.. I alreadt know I don't got a Valentine this year... *Sigh* maybe I'll draw myself at a table by myself. Wallowing in self pity xD
18/01/2017 05:33
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Finally told my crush how I feel about them... I'm so nervoussssssssssss...
16/01/2017 04:29

Sorry for the silence

Hey guys, It's me. I deeply apologize for my absence of submitting art. I've been dealing with some awful crap, mainly a break up. I don't like the fact I was gone for a while. So I'll be posting art later this week/weekend. And if you would like a free head shot, Comment a link to your ref sheet...
13/01/2017 03:18