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Hey everyone ♥

My name is Dessie Griffith, creator and owner of Syren Merch and Aquatic Rabaroos. I offer custom and personalized art, adoptables, tails, and gifs, all at prices that work with your budget.

My art is Pay What You Want, my tails are $10.00 USD for a 12 inch, 2 color. Anything else needs to be discussed.

My personal info:

~Therian and Furry
~Mated ♥


Hey I'm Dessie, also known as Syren (Aquatic Rabaroo-Guardian), Lucky (Rabbit), Zane (Tailmouth wolf), Pumpkin (Angel Dragon), or Akira (Japanese Bobtail). Syren is my main-main sona so keep an eye out for a pretty, blue Rabaroo :3

Official Aquatic Rabaroos group:

My Terms Of Service (TOS):


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Artist Beware

Artist Beware Who: Montana Harrison What: Character/Art/Species theft Montana had been previously banned from my closed specie and it's group, Aquatic Rabaroos. Per her banning she had all character rights revoked to the character shown below. After ignoring all admin and moderator contact, she...
18/03/2016 13:22
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Moving Out of My Abusive House

My first journal, please give it a read Hey everyone. I am here to ask you, more like beg honestly, for your help. I am an 18 year old, mentally handicapped woman who is constantly being abused at home. My mother is now refusing to feed me, blatantly ignores me and my cries for help,
04/03/2016 03:06


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Female · Japanese bobtail · Pansexual · Capricorn
Role-playing No
Nicknames Aki
04/03/2016 04:31


Female · Aquatic rabaroo- guardian · Pansexual · Aries
Role-playing No
Nicknames Sy, Hot stoner mama, Hot stoner mom, Stoner mom
A sweet, loving, pretty, blue Aquatic Rabaroo
04/03/2016 03:07


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Anne Bonne

Species: badger
Artist Type: digital artist
Mood: indifferent
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Species: fox
Artist Type: anthro artist
Mood: silly
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