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Artist Type: Improving Artist

Syren is the first Aquatic Rabaroo and Guardian. She, along with the 6 other Guardians, helped create all Aquatic Rabaroos.

As a Guardian, Syren can never die. She lives her life creating more Aquatic Rabaroos and as a part-time college professor. She's very friendly, very loving, and quite out-going. She's the sweetest creature you could ever meet and will love and protect you with everything she has.

Because of her extremely rare subspecie, she is equipped with amazing, out of this world powers that are stored in her gem located on her chest. If her gem breaks her powers would mold her into one singularity and she would keep that form until fully healed.

Favourite Food

Favourite Color


Part-time college professor

Extra Details

Tongue color matches iris, inner mouth color matches pupil.

Webbed hands and feet


Day eyes- Rounded pupils

Night eyes- Cat-like pupils

Wears a Harley Quinn inspired tailband

Sometimes wears glasses (usually

wears contacts)

Sometimes wears her hair in a bun (usually wears it down)

Official Aqiatic Rabaroo Owners group:


1.68 Meters · 5 Feet, 6.14 Inches


128.82Kg · 20 Stone, 3.99 Pound

Eye Colors

Body Type


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A sweet, loving, pretty, blue Aquatic Rabaroo

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