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Too lazy, will complete later. {maybe}


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Another wave of art

Finally got around to uploading some more stuff. It's all spaced out to upload one every two hours, though. So it won't swamp the front page quite as much as last time. Wooooo
22/02/2017 00:04


I just went through and scheduled a whole bunch of art to upload gradually over the next half hour. Some new stuff I just haven't gotten around to putting up, and a handful of older things that I like. So prepare to be flooded with my artz.
03/02/2017 22:03


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James Redwood

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Syria Carys Sirlay [Human]

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9 months ago


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thanks a bunch for the fav!

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Thank You for follow!

Syria Carys Sirlay · 01/12/2016 00:20

Thank you, as well!

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No prob, that draggo is real cute.