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Happy New Year!

Published: 01/01/2019 05:55

That's all! :D

Arom Komondor · 01/01/2019 08:31 · 2 Replies


THECAGDL · 01/01/2019 14:58


Lucas Cameron Blakeman · 29/05/2019 20:02

Hey man, I'm sending posts of all my art and videos so you can fav all of them, okay.

Lucas Cameron Blakeman · 19/05/2019 20:37 · 6 Replies

Can we rp at Queen Ankha showing off her feet please? I'm still waiting.

THECAGDL · 20/05/2019 01:49

I'm not into feets

Lucas Cameron Blakeman · 20/05/2019 03:37

We talked about this.

THECAGDL · 20/05/2019 12:57


Lucas Cameron Blakeman · 20/05/2019 13:14

Yep. Post the comment I'm ready Queen Ankha at Queen Ankha showing off her feet and we can finally get started on the rp, okay? Link:

THECAGDL · 21/05/2019 01:05


Lucas Cameron Blakeman · 28/05/2019 23:21

Oh and before I go, take a look at Sphinx's Feet by my good butt-buddy anthonygoody. Link:

Lucas Cameron Blakeman · 21/05/2019 09:52 · 20 Replies

That is the link to Queen Ankha showing off her feet.

Lucas Cameron Blakeman · 22/05/2019 21:02

Let's just rp, okay. I don't wanna waste time arguing. Queen Ankha needs you. She'll give you a treat if you do good.

THECAGDL · 23/05/2019 04:11

No feets.

Lucas Cameron Blakeman · 23/05/2019 09:52

Please, just rp with me. Queen Ankha will let you live if you lick her feet clean. Yes feets. Let's rp!

THECAGDL · 24/05/2019 04:45


Lucas Cameron Blakeman · 24/05/2019 19:30

Actually, here's the real plot: You are invited to Queen Ankha's party because she needs to tell you that you have a female foot fetish. She also explained you are her foot slave and orders you to lick her feet clean. You obediently agreed and she told you that there is a surprise reward if you obeyed all her strict rules. You ask what it is and she answered a footjob.

THECAGDL · 25/05/2019 03:45

No thanks.

Lucas Cameron Blakeman · 25/05/2019 11:16


THECAGDL · 25/05/2019 12:35

Don't talk to me...

Lucas Cameron Blakeman · 28/05/2019 23:18

Fav all my other stuff at my gallery. Link:

THECAGDL · 29/05/2019 03:08



Lucas Cameron Blakeman · 29/05/2019 18:02

I'm trying to help. Please favorite all my other stuff for me. I don't want to argue all afternoon long.

THECAGDL · 30/05/2019 01:12

Not to be rude, but really, stop.

Lucas Cameron Blakeman · 30/05/2019 10:03

Not to be rude either. Fav all my art and videos and then I'll stop. Deal?

THECAGDL · 31/05/2019 02:57

With that, never... sorry.

Lucas Cameron Blakeman · 31/05/2019 10:23

*brings out the BFG9000 and pulls it towards you* Please fav all my other stuff or get a hole blasted through your head!

Lucas Cameron Blakeman · 23/05/2019 19:30

Let's just rp with me plz?

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