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Some things involving my characters.

Published: 2 months ago

Hi there. I hope you all are having a good day (or whatever the time is there).

I have been thinking in several things involving my characters, some left from the reference sheets made not so long ago.

For now my main idea is that all of my characters are studying in university (different classes of course), but what they're studying will still remain a mystery.

Another thing is where they live, as it is a campus, some of the characters share houses like this:
-George, Jacqueline and Louis live in one.
-Zack, Joe and Tobbias live in another.
-Maya and Lola share house.
-Stephanie and Matthew doesn't share room, so let's say they live with a mysterious partner (Not related to my OCs or any other).

And for they works my main idea is:
-Zack doesn't have a work at day, however he try DJing at nights.
-Louis works as a casher in a regular 24/7 shop during weekends.
-George works as a casher in a fast food restaurant.
-Jacqueline practice singing just for fun (So, this doesn't count as a job haha).

And about their moves, for now I just use four of them according to the situation.

And for the people I've been rping, they're not cannon at all, not even most of my pics are; the only canon things are: 
-George and Jacqueline are a couple for around 5 years.
-Tobbias and Lola are twins, and Matthew and Maya are siblings (Matt is the oldest by shorly a year, you can see the refs. for that).
-Joe isn't at all a bully, he knows what the limits are, like Louis, and Stephanie simply do things for defend herself or people she care.

Clothing isn't consistent, like real life, they can wear different things.

After all, remember, I just draw them for fun, sometimes silly situations, and maybe in the future to reflect some opinions or my feelings.

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