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Now this one was my first actually recorded song I've ever done. I've actually thought of the lyrics and realised how it suited Taala's situation currently, so enjoy a nice interesting pic of her alongside it ^^. This was done years ago so my voice is a lil better these days. The backup vocals is done by disquietingthomas  disquietingthomas my lovely fiancee~.

Anyway, I've now uploaded the only two songs I've ever written and sang.

Maybe I'll do more in the future. Maybe o__o;


WORDS:Shrapnel Butterflies
c. Hurriedly, in front of me, dance with stained window's light
a memory
Seemingly, improbably, drifting through my mind's eye
the flutterbies

v. Don't you worry about my thoughts
If they bloom into broken flowers
Shards of glistening wings
They may rest inside you head

c. Funnily, come with me, to the pretend meadows
locked away
Smiling, running, after past apparations
those flutterbies

v. They nest among the shrapnel
Left over from my scorched heart
Feeding off the fragments
And fly off shining my daydream

c. Silently, away from me, crystals in the breeze
I remember
Chasing them, catching them, handle them with your care
my flutterbies.

Written and Sung by Tamsyn Solomon ©
Mixed by Thomas Bullock aka Awesome Meat Grenade
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