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"As the memories plague her mind, she feels the tower of confidence she built for herself crumble down - leaving her brain in a state of disarray. Viveka held her head in agony as a very real and familiar feeling overwhelmed her. Fear. Fear of the past, fear of herself, fear of everyone and everything around her - all of it. All because of that one hue - that one dreadful shade - that devastating colour that haunted her for the rest of her life...Red."

Theme Song: Pressure - Staind

Number 4 out of Set 2 of my Mood Portrait Commissions.

A lil brief story to go with an interesting picture of my OC viveka  viveka
This is also mirrored on her page with her own internal monologue :3
Click here to see!

I also give each portrait a theme song I select to go with the picture.

Hope you enjoy! :D

Viveka & Art © taala  taala
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