Takura is feeling Good

Hi there! welcome to my gallery. I hope you like what you see. I love drawing animals but I don't know if I consider myself to really be a furry. I draw mostly big cats, and I'm starting to draw wolves now as well. I currently do not take any requests or trades, unless its with my closest, best friends.

Also, do not bring drama to my page. Do not bitch to me if my characters look similar to yours. Accidents happen, similar designs happen. If you've got a problem, kindly tell me. But if you're downright rude, or condescending, I will block you. No ifs ands or buts. Otherwise, have a wonderful day and have fun looking at my art!


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I have Left FA

So because of the situation going on with Furaffinity staff banning anyone who has a right leaning view, I will not be using FurAffinity anymore. The site has become politically driven, and divided the fandom. I hope to be using Furiffic more so be prepared to see new uploads in the future! I'll ...
21/05/2018 03:47
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Hello everyone and welcome to my gallery. I'll try and be very active here as well as on DeviantArt and Furaffinity. I've already blocked the people that needed to be blocked and friended the people that I know are here, that needed to be friended. So yay! Also, I will not tolerate any drama here...
16/01/2017 23:31


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Diamond Faith

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Diamond Faith posted to Takura

16/01/2017 22:41

*Tackles hugs & welcomes you*

Takura · 16/01/2017 22:49

*falls over* Hiya! *hugs back*

Diamond Faith · 16/01/2017 22:51

Giggles & is happy now*

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