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Artist Type: Musician

Clementyne the Tabby Cat

Female · Tabby cat · Heterosexual ·
Role-playing Yes
Nicknames Clem
Name: Clementyne Nicknames: Clem Animal/Race/Species: TabbyCat Anthro or Feral: Anthro Gender: F...
04/07/2017 06:46

Leeah the Tiger Shark

Female · Tiger shark · Homosexual ·
Role-playing Yes
Nicknames Lee
Name: Leeah Species: Tiger Shark Gender: Female Sexual Orientation: Gaaaaaaay Age: 20somthin ...
18/05/2017 00:47

Romulus the Protogen

Male · Protogen ·
Role-playing Yes
Nicknames Rom
Name: Full name/Code Name- Romulus, Rom for short Animal/Race/Species: Protogen Gender: Male Age...
22/04/2017 04:21

Harry the Animatronic Hyena

06/01/2017 10:26

Chinook the Husky

Female · Husky · Heterosexual · Aquarius
Role-playing Yes
Nicknames Nook
Name:Chinook Species: Hushy Gender: Female Sexuality: Hetero? Female husky with a mild purple...
06/01/2017 10:08
  • 4

Valerie (AKA Circuit) the Cat

Female · Cat · Bisexual · Cancer
Role-playing Yes
Nicknames Circuit
Valerie grew up around technology. It was always around her as a child, becoming a large part of ...
10/10/2016 07:33

Wolfgang Burgstaller (REF SHEET NEEDED)

Male · Wolf · Heterosexual ·
Role-playing Yes
Nicknames Das Eisen Wolf (The Iron Wolf)
Name: Wolfgang Burgstaller Nicknames: Das Eisen Wolf (The Iron Wolf) Animal/Race/Species: Wolf G...
27/07/2016 08:01
  • 6

Evalynn the Sabertooth Cat

Female · Saber-toothed-cat · Pansexual with male preference · Virgo
Role-playing Yes
Nicknames Eve, Eva, Evie
Name: Evalynn Nicknames: Eve, Eva, Evie. Animal/Race/Species: Sabertooth Cat Gender: Female Age...
02/07/2016 06:03

Nightmare of Hyde (REF NEEDED)

Male · Monster hyena · Unknown ·
Role-playing Yes
Nicknames Genocide Incarnate
Name: Nightmare of Hyde Animal/Race/Species: Monster Hyena Gender: Male? Age: ?? Sexuality: ?? ...
14/06/2016 05:26

Nightmare of Ezra (REF NEEDED)

Male · Monster wolf · Unknown ·
Role-playing Yes
Nicknames Moonlight Tormenter
Name: Nightmare of Ezra Animal/Race/Species: Monster Wolf Gender: Male? Age: ?? Sexuality: ?? P...
14/06/2016 05:17

Jekyll the Jackal

Female · Jackal · Heterosexual · Libra
Role-playing Yes
Nicknames Dr. Jekyll
Name: Jekyll Animal/Race/Species: Jackal Gender: Female Age: 26 Sexuality: Heterosexual, but sh...
13/06/2016 06:08

Hyde the Striped Hyena

Male · Striped hyena · Pansexual · Scorpio
Role-playing Yes
Nicknames Smirk, King Leer
HYDE THE STRIPED HYENA Name: Hyde AKA Smirk and King Leer Animal/Race/Species: Striped Hyena Gen...
30/05/2016 06:20


Male · Folf · Gay · Gemini
Role-playing Yes
Nicknames Java, JavaFolf
AGE TO FIT RP Sexuality: Gay. Mason isn't very open with his sexuality. Few of his friends even ...
23/05/2016 17:50
  • 2

Ezra (Tangent)

Male · Timber wolf · Pansexual · Aquarius
Role-playing Yes
Nicknames Tangent, Tangy, Tang, Tangelo
Ezra, or more known as Tangent, is an 18 year old* timber wolf. He gets his nickname from his mar...
23/05/2016 17:33