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Clem was born into a loving family that always cared for her. Her parents were always sunny and positive and tried to instill this same attitude into their daughter. This worked for a time, until one day when she was only 9, her parents got into a car accident because of a drunk driver. Clem, who was at home with a babysitter at the time, didnt take the news lightly. It seemed that the positive attude she had always been tought wasnt ever going to return to her. Sent away to a less than optimal orphanage, she grew depressed, burdened by the sadness around her. She was this way for years. Eventually, she managed to make a few online friends, who helped talk her up. It was a long process, but it all came to when all her parents will and post mortem paperwork was finally done, and the belongings they had left her were finally delivered. Along with her old toys and books, was an old journal her parents had kept. In it, her parents wrote to her, telling her that no matter what happens, staying positive will see you through. From there on, her old positivity returned to her. While she still wasnt in the best circumstances, she helped around the orphanage as much as she could, taking care of the younger children.

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Name: Clementyne

Nicknames: Clem

Animal/Race/Species: TabbyCat

Anthro or Feral: Anthro

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Personality: Super cheerful and outspoken, Clem always tries to stay positive, even when things are at their worst.

Physical Appearance: A tabby colored cat, (orange and white striped), with long, wavy, dark orange hair that rolls down her back. Her eyes are an amber/brown color, and her pawpads are a light tan.

Clothing/Outfits: A sunny girl, Clem prefers sunny flower dresses and skirts over any sort of pants. Her clothes are usually brightly colored and often have flowerey designs.

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