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Furry Bowling

So once upon a time, there used to be a furry bowling night here in Columbus, GA. Back when it was a thing, I was too nervous and bad at bowling, and I never went. Now that it's gone, I want to try and get it going again. I need to find a way to advertise it to try and gather interest. Any sugges...
22/04/2018 22:35
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20 years alive!

Today at 5:15 am, I turned 20 years old! Goodbye teens, hello 20's!
16/02/2018 10:17


Furiffic got a new discord and its poppin off rn! Join us and we will do.. stuff idk just join.
06/12/2017 23:09
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Starved for Roleplay :c

Ive been starved for a good rp recently :c Id like a couple vollunteers if anyone else is looking for a partner c: I like longer, story-like roleplays... I dont have any ideas in my head, so bring your own please! I have a plethora of characters to use. NSFW is ok.. but pls dont be upset if I tur...
25/07/2017 18:59
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The Furiffic Discord is cookin c:

Did you know, Furiffic also has a Discord server? Furiffic's server is growing! Come be a part of it while we finish ironing it out and make it ideal for all furs to use! With SFW and NSFW chats, you can always find someone to talk to! We also have art channels, (SFW and NSFW) as well as multiple...
25/01/2017 16:49
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The Furiffic Discord!

So as Pyruoo had said in his earlier announcement, Furiffic has it's very own Discord now! For those of you who don't know, Discord is a channel based chat application that allows for multiple conversations on multiple channels. It's super neat and I highly recommend using Discord if you like gam...
24/12/2016 14:00
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Overwatch on PC? Join our discord!

So me and a furry pal just had the idea of making a discord group for furry Overwatch players on PC. We are tremendously active OW players and would love it if any fellow players would join c: We will play nearly every day and will squad up with anyone who cares to join us c: If we get enough peo...
21/12/2016 06:18
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Join the Roleplay Group!

Every once in awhile, I get the hankering to make one of these journals. So we just had an influx of new members to our roleplay group and I'd like to keep our membership numbers on the rise, so I invite everyone, whether youre a roleplayer or not, to come check us out! Now with over 50 members,...
02/12/2016 08:39

Overwatch playin furries wanna squad up sometime?

So I loooooove Overwatch. I play it alooot and I was wonderin if anyone else on here does too c: If so, does anyone wanna squad up and play sometime? c: Im an ok player, (lvl 241 and gold rank but I dont play comp alot) and I love playing and talking with people, so if youre interested, (no matte...
07/11/2016 05:02


Well, my job stopped giving me hours and now Im on a job hunt. Unfortunately, I have a car insurance payment in less than 2 weeks and I dont have the money to pay it.. So as a last ditch, Im doing emergency commissions. I cant slack too much on my prices, but pm me and we can work something out.....
05/10/2016 15:46
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Roleplay Group: Join Now!

Hey guys! I felt it was time for another post about our roleplay group c: Recently, we have hit a stalemate in our number of new members, but I want to change that and get ball rolling again. Many months ago, a fur named Aiden White approached me, asking if I knew any roleplayers here. Still new ...
15/09/2016 03:41
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'Nuff said
04/09/2016 15:42

Streaming soon!

It's gettin close to that time folks c: My stream will be goin online at around 11:30 Eastern Standard. There will be much Overwatching and fun times! Here's the link-
02/09/2016 12:47


Hey guys! Overwatch just released a HUGE update, and I only barely got to explore it c: So tomorrow between 11:30 to around 2:30 or 3:00 eastern standard time, I will be streaming Overwatch and exploring all the new stuff! After that, I will come back online from 5:00 to 6:00 to either play more ...
02/09/2016 03:18
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I'M BACK BABY~ My onsite time is about to shoot back up again c: Maybe even some more selfies if I feel frisky :P Enjoy your Thurdsays everyone!
01/09/2016 13:25
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Site Trouble

Ok, I wanna make sure that I'm not the only one getting some issues with the site. Earlier, I was unable to reach the site (Im guessing maintenance.) Now, I keep getting the bunny error and my chat system is goobing and acting slow.
29/08/2016 01:32
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I did a bad

Well... So I came home from college this weekend, but not before stopping by my old high school to catch a game and talk to some people, but while I was at said game, I joined the marching band in jumping around and yelling like dinguses... Well, while I jumped, my phone took a slip out of my poc...
28/08/2016 01:27
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I have set up a Picarto stream c: I'm not 100% sure when I'll be doing it, but I will work on commissions and also play Overwatch or any other game I have c: It'll be buckets of fun, so come see it sometime~ {}
26/08/2016 14:46


Now that Ive set up Paypal, Im able to accept money transactions for my music c: Pricing will be as follows, (but all prices are flexible sorta, just talk to me♥ ) |||ALL SHEET MUSIC CAN BE REQUESTED AT NO COST|||All music is uploaded in .mp3 format, but it is also available in .midi and .wav fo...
25/08/2016 15:52
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I just got done making a paypal account, so now I can accept money transactions in exchange for my music c: So if you want music, but either couldnt or didnt want to do an art trade, now you can actually pay me c: I will have to discuss prices with each person, but Ill be super cheap (like no mor...
25/08/2016 00:12
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Come Join the Roleplay Group!

Repostin this c: More members is more fun. Hey guys~ So as many of you know, I am on a constant recruiting mission for our roleplay group. Usually, I wait for a character to be posted with the Roleplay option set to yes, then I give ya our link, but I think Ill post this for all to see c: Are yo...
19/08/2016 02:45
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Come Join the Roleplay Group!

Hey guys~ So as many of you know, I am on a constant recruiting mission for our roleplay group. Usually, I wait for a character to be posted with the Roleplay option set to yes, then I give ya our link, but I think Ill post this for all to see c: Are you into roleplay? Have you ever wanted to try...
12/08/2016 02:38
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All Set for College!

So as some know, I moved into my dorm yesterday! The actual Freshmen move in date is Saturday, but Im a housing ambassador, so I will be helping with it. I've been working these past two days, getting ready for the flood of people to come in the next few days. For those I've been roleplaying wit...
04/08/2016 17:48
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Anyone Wanna Do Some Freebies?

Well since my art trades have been a bit of a flop recently, Ill see if any of you are willing to do freebies :D I have lots of characters without reference sheets, so any help is greatly appreciated.. So... anyone?
27/07/2016 08:23

Art Trade Opening Reminder!

Alriiiight this is the last reminder for my art trade openings Imma give, cause it doesnt seem to be the bees knees to anyone.. I still have a number of ref sheet Id like done and no money to spend on them, so Ill trade some music compositions, either original or an arrangement, for them. I can d...
26/07/2016 00:48
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Learning a New Game

Well, I've always been a fan of Pokemon ever since I was a wee lad. I collected all sorts of cards, but I never actually learned how to play it. Well, with the Pokemon resurgence with Pokemon Go, I found myself caught up in the series again. I stopped collecting the cards when I was around 7-8, b...
25/07/2016 04:11

Boy Now I really cant get a break

Well once again life is tossing me another curve ball. So, as I stated earlier, I attended a funeral today for my Great Grandfather, (my dad's dad's dad) who died 3 days ago. He was 90 years old and died of many complications caused by his age. I participated in his funeral today. Everything had ...
13/07/2016 00:57
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Cant get a break

This summer has been the most hectic and long summer ive ever had. At the start of it, I had to travel out to Louisianna for 2 days to visit my great grandparents and grandparents. That was a 9 hour car ride to and from Georgia. After that, i spent a month at my moms in Alabama, which is about 5 ...
11/07/2016 13:32

Another Art Trade Reminder

Now I feel like Im spamming the Journal system... But I really would like these reference sheets done Q~Q Im broke and all I know how to do is compose and arrange music.. So if anyone wants either an original composition, or an arrangment of a song you like, please PM me so we can work this out Q...
07/07/2016 20:02

Art Trade Opening Reminder!

Im still open for art trades! Once again, I have art Id like to get done and no money, so Ill trade a musical conposition for reference sheets c: I can do either an original conposition or an arrangement of a song in your choice of instruments. Look at the music in my gallery for examples c: I ha...
04/07/2016 18:52


Here I am again, faced with my age old problem: Lots of characters that need reference sheets, no talent with drawing, and no money to commission. So once again, I shall open myself to more musical composition trades. I compose music, (sheet music) and can either make a custom and original compos...
02/07/2016 06:38


I keep staying up all night playing these damn vidja games with my pals Q~Q One day, Im prolly gonna die from it, but... I'll just respawn and try again! Tonight's attraction was Overwatch, but eventually we stopped being serious and ended up pissing alot of players off by destroying them with st...
21/06/2016 09:08

Art Trade Opening Reminder!

Hey im still open for an art trade! I have ref sheets and artwork Id like to get done, and am willing to trade either an original music composition or and arrangement of a song of choice for some art!
19/06/2016 06:39

Gettin' My Overwatch On~

Finally bought Overwatch for PC! I've been wanting it for awhile, but I saved up a tad more extra money to finally buy it. I am ready to get wrecked :D
18/06/2016 05:15

Taking on Another Trade~

So, as I have stated before, I am broke. I have muns, but right now I have to dedicate all my muns to college, so I dont really have much to spare. I have lots of arts that I want done, so Ill take on some trades! I have characters that need ref sheets and will be willing to do a musical composit...
16/06/2016 18:45

Donating More Bloooooood :D

And now here I sit in the waiting room to donate doubles. I freaking love giving blood. It's some good stuff! If you havent done it, I reccomend doing it at least once c: Just about everyone can, but homosexual or bisexual males are unfortunately not allowed, but you can always encourage others!
14/06/2016 18:56

Come Play With Me!!

So im a gamer. I love video games and im not too bad at some of them. Recently, Ive been playing on PC and I want some furry friends to join me c: I play on Steam mostly and I own a few fun games like GMod, Dont Starve Together, CS:GO, and Left 4 Dead 2. If anyone wants to come play these with me...
10/06/2016 07:22
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I need a ref sheet done and I have no money, so I'll do a trade for a musical composition! If you dont want something original, I can even arrange a song you like, whether it be from a video game or whatever, to be in whatever instruments you want! It all comes with a copy of the sheet music for ...
30/05/2016 06:49
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Hi there! I have 2 characters that need ref sheets, no money, and a lack of drawing abilities. Im willing to trade a musical composition for both of the sheets. It could be like your own little theme song! Alternatively, I can do an arrangement of a song of your choice, provided I can find what ...
25/05/2016 19:35
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My Music Q-Q

Well, just found out that my import from FA didn't really bring my music uploads with me... I guess Ill have to go in and reupload each of them..
23/05/2016 18:14