Tapjap the African Wild Dog is feeling Uh...hek.
Artist Type: Traditional Artist

I'm just looking for some artistic exposure. I'll usually upload funny moments, or characters I've created. I do enjoy positive criticism! Also I'll take on jut about any commission if its not too crazy. https://www.paypal.me/tapjap|Or Donate 1$ a month to help keep the dream alive! https://www.patreon.com/Tapjap


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Rashio Romanov

Male · Leshi (slavic nature spirit) · Bisexual ·
Role-playing No
Nicknames Raysh
22/06/2017 06:14
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Male · African-wild-dog · Bisexual · Scorpio
Role-playing Yes
20/06/2017 06:50


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Lee Vos

Species: fox
Artist Type: digital artist
Mood: horny
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Tapjap posted

18/06/2018 19:35


I'm offering these every Sunday! 5 slots! 

If i don't seem to be responding, I'm much more active on Telegram! @Tapjap

thatBADfolf posted to Tapjap

20/06/2017 13:49

Welcome to Furiffic! I hope you have great experiences here! I have been here for a few months, so if you have any questions you can come to my profile.