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Species: arctic fox
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Mood: creative
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Species: dragon
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Lulu_Angel posted to Tdj01

21/03/2017 03:46

Thanks for subscribing :3

Joan posted to Tdj01

13/03/2017 02:07

hello :v

Jacob posted to Tdj01

28/02/2017 17:08

I don't know why everyone saying "thanks for sub" but thanks for sub xD

FuzzWizard posted to Tdj01

13/02/2017 22:40

thanks for subscribing!

Bitru posted to Tdj01

22/01/2017 21:31

Thanks for the subscription!! :D

I have to upload some art I have so you wont get dissapointed :P

Vedis posted to Tdj01

21/12/2016 18:40

Thanks for subscribing! ^^

ChubbyPawsNikki posted to Tdj01

12/12/2016 19:30

Thanks so much for subscribing to me~!

Bran posted to Tdj01

11/12/2016 19:23

Hi there c: Thanks for the sub~

Floyd Filly posted to Tdj01

04/12/2016 23:37

Thank you for subscribing!

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