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Support Canvas Swap Zine on Patreon & Kofi and get perks!
All proceeds go towards our overhead and keeping us running.

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Free Scavenger Hunt
"Go down the rabbit hole with this final issue 7 Artist Reveal event!
Start your journey at CSZine.com and you might find a clue." 1st person to guess correctly gets the PDF of issue 7 and one other PDF issue of their choice. 2nd person to guess correctly gets PDF of issue 7!

Ask Zinnie
Available Friday only on Ko-fi, SFW questions and a drawn response will be made!

Zinnie Telegram Stickers
An ever expanding pack! Winners of the scavenger hunt will get the link to these and any donors to our Ko-fi will also get the link!

$3CAD (1 Ko-fi) gets your name in the zine and a link to the sticker pack. $6CAD (2 Ko-fi) gets the previous goodies as well as the PDF preorder that releases June 1st!

All proceeds from these events go right back into our overhead to keep us running. We're 95% to our goal that helps support our staff!
Can't support financially? Totally cool! We would very much apprecaite some social media shares!

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Canvas Swap is made possible thanks to our awesome Patreon Patrons

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