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Looking for a challenge? Not always sure what to draw? You guys should check out Anthro Art Prompt on TWITTER and TUMBLR - They give out weekly anthro art prompts/challenges ranging from inanimate objects, to flora and fauna and they take suggestions too! Sometimes there are themed months. They have even done endangered species to try to promote awareness and tribute to animals that are extinct. Its pretty neat! (I think if they get a bit more traffic, interested parties participating, they may even be able to expand to other places too, to post the prompts. who knows. )


A few weeks ago, one of their prompts was the Bush Dog. Its a pretty cute and interesting animal. Looks like a tiny bear dog XD
So i drew a lady bush dog! Might turn her into a legit character at some point. She's pretty fun to draw. :3

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ancusmitis · 29/08/2016 19:38 · 1 Reply

Very pretty :3

Temrin · 29/08/2016 20:07

Thank you :3

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