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Charity Story Commission 2020 Auction

Published: 6 months ago

Welcome back to my third year of auctioning off a story to the highest bidder!
In tandem with my Stocking Stuffer event, every year I do this, selling a story to whatever passes for my customer base. The profits of this will be donated to a worthy charity, The Trevor Project. As with the previous two years, this is going to be a No-Limits-Whatsoever Commission... you can have me write whatever you want, and I'll do my best to write it. This will be a project I will begin work on next year, starting in Feburary of 2021. That being said, historically I've taken forever on these things. I finished last years (the 2019 Charity Story Commission) in August after starting in Feburary 2020. I know myself and my ability to focus on stuff and I can't guarantee the project will be finished in a timely manner. However, what I will promise is that it will DEFINATELY get written, and I will be happy to do status updates on it whenever you want. Details below:

*How It’ll work:*

To bid in the auction, post comments in my journal entry on Furaffinity. EVEN IF YOU ARE READING THIS ON ANOTHER SITE, POST IN FURAFFINITY OR YOU WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED. THIS IS TO MAKE IT EASY FOR ME TO JUDGE THE WINNER. Whoever bids the most money will win the story commission. This auction starts on Monday, December 7th, at 12:01 am USA Central Standard Time and ends on Sunday December 13th at 11:59 USA Central Standard Time. Money will be payable up front, and I will work personally with the winner(s) of the auction to write a story for them that is to their satisfaction.

I wish to make it clear that not a single cent of the money that I get for this will go to me personally. I will be donating every penny I get to The Trevor Project, a confidential, non-profit Suicide Prevention hotline for LGBTQ youths. What’s more, I will donate a matching amount to the amount paid for this, up to 500 dollars. If this auction somehow gets to $500 paid, I will pay an additional $500 dollars, and The Trevor Project gets $1000 to help out people in need.

You can find more information about The Trevor Project here.

*How Long a Story Will I Get for my Money?*

That depends entirely on how much money we end up making.

For this, I am committing to writing a minimum 1000 words for every $15 dollars paid. This is NOT a guarantee that I won’t write more than 1000 words (I go where my muse leads) but at the bare minimum, this will be 1000 words long. For every $15 dollars above the minimum $15, you’ll get a guarantee of another 1000 words. If we get to $150 dollars, we hit what I call the Maximum Minimum of 10,000 words. What I mean about that is that I will personally guarantee anyone paying $150 or above that they’ll get a 10,000 word or longer story. Historically it's been longer than that. I'm not promising yours will be, but I am promising you will get a high quality story in return for your money.

So any money beyond $150 you offer to pay will just be money paying because you want to be a good samaritan and help the cause... or because you want a Terinas-written story THAT badly. Either way I won’t judge.

For anyone wanting to support the cause but unable to afford this? You're free to offer donations to the auction. Any money you pledge here will be added to the total and will increase the word count, up to the Minimum Maximum. It means you're giving more money to help the bidders get a more detailed and longer story. For that, you might be worked in as a secondary character in the story if the nature story allows for it. No promises except that I'll give you consideration.

And if people want to pool their money and bid collectively? I allow that. The first year's story was won by a group of four friends, and all their characters played major roles in that story.

*So what can this story be about, anyway?*

Almost anything, really! My limit for this is that I won’t write a story fetishizing death, murder, torture or bloody stuff. I also won’t write propaganda or anything weird like that. Beyond that, anything’s on the table.

- Want a story about fetishes such as corruption, hypnosis, reality alteration, or something more mundane like anal beads or lesbian dragons or something? Done and done.
- Want me to actually write a sequel to a story pre-existing like The Jungle Nursery or Pathogen with your character in it? Sure! I’m game.
- Want me to write about Slippy and Fox making out? Sure.
- Want me to write an original story about your OC with the shiny pink magic blood? I'm super into it.
- Wnat me to write a murder mystery? Sure, I'm for it.

I want to make this open to anyone, beyond just my personal kinks. If you want me to write about sexy stuff, I’m in. If you want something about your personal fetishes, I’m in, as long as it doesn't violate the rule in bold at the top of this segment.

*So when will I get this story?*

I can’t guarantee that. Historically, I am absolute SHIT at meeting any kind of update schedule, and I want to be up front about that. Let the buyer beware and all that.

But what I WILL guarantee is that this will be a major project for me. Once the auction's over, I will start working on this alongside any personal projects of mine, and I will keep working on it until it’s done. It might be months, I may upload things other than it that I'm already working on. But I won't start any new projects until this is done and the commissioner is satisifed. And if I'm not working fast enough, you can let me know and I'll try to focus more on it.

*Well, I’m in! How do I bid?*

Post in the comments below with thedollar value you’re bidding. You don’t have to include anything else unless you want to. On December 13th I’ll end the bidding, and the highest bidder(s) wins. I’ll contact the winner(s) via PM and give them my paypal information. They then will transmit the money to me, as well as let me know the details they want in their commissioned piece. AT that point, I’m their writeslave until this is done. :3 I will also PM them the proof of the donation, so that they know I sent it to the Trevor Project.

Though I will be announcing this on venues outside FA, I will ONLY be counting bids that are posted on FA, as I prefer to do my business here. On other websites a link to my FA journal will be posted, for your convenience.

You can find my FA journal, for bidding purposes, here.

If the highest bidder(s) can’t transmit the money to me via Paypal within a week of me notifying them, I’ll go down to the next highest bidder. And so on and so forth.

*I’m dead broke but I want to help with this! Anything I can do?*


For this to work, I do need your help.

Spread the word. Link any friend you think might be interested in this to this journal entry. Anyone who likes my stories, anyone looking to have something written, anyone even who shares kinks or fetishes with stuff I’ve written.

If this spreads via word of mouth and you helped, you have earned my thanks.

By the way, have you heard about my Stocking Stuffer 2020 event happening later this month? Chances are, but in case you haven't, here's the scoop!: I'm going to be uploading stories and/or artwork during the week Christmas falls upon as a love letter to the furry community, and i'd love for you to join in! Your reward is all the attention to you and your work I can get for you. Check out details on it here. Posted using PostyBirb

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