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A week from now!

Published: 6 months ago

So the Charity Commission Story Auction went well! We actually may have broken the record set by our first year... I'll be making a formal announcement later. For now, onto other matters!

As you may or may not know, Stocking Stuffer 2020 is just around the corner! The magical week of the year where you get more Terinas stories than you can shake a stick at... not to mention a bunch of fun goodies from other writers and artists along the way. I'm very excited with this year. Some good friends of mine have already shared some of their projects with me, and I look forward to seeing them complete them! I'm also eager to show some of my own to the world! We've got a lot of good stuff coming, so I hope you'll join me, starting December 20th, for a holiday special-themed week of journal entries tracking what is uploaded for this event!

And there's still time to join in! Anything ANYONE uploads the week of December 20th 2020 to December 27th 2020 will qualify as a Stocking Stuffer Entry, as long as you follow the proper guidelines. What are those guidelines, you may ask? Well, here's a simplified set of steps:

1) Write, draw, compose music, or otherwise create some kind of furry content you want as part of the Stocking Stuffer event!
2) Upload it any day between December 20th 2020 to December 27th 2020 to a furry site that is not behind a paywall.
3) In the description of the work, indicate that it's part of the Stocking Stuffer 2020 Event! Mention if it's a Naughty or Nice upload too!
4) Add a tag, if possible, of StockingStuffer2020 to your upload so it can be searched that way.
5) Contact me via PM or IM to let me know that you did it!

Doing this qualifies you to get put on the Stocking Stuffer 2020 master list I'll be compiling, and to get some nice words said about you and all the attention I can garner your corner of the interwebs.

Anyways, that's all I've got! Have a nice night and a happy holidays, everyone! Posted using PostyBirb

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