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...regarding a certain gem in his possession that is.

This is a fursona Picture created for me by Oter  Oter and commissioned by Shiftshaper  Shiftshaper It's made since I haven't really had a proper fursona picture uploaded here.

The finer details of Terinas, the character depicted here, changed over time. The character started out as purely a stand-in avatar of myself. Of course, it's changed over time. Terinas changed from being purely me to being a much more mischievous version of me, doing the things I wanted to do and saying the things I wanted to say but never quite could be brave enough to do. Wish fulfillment fantasy at it's finest, yeah. At one early point he was actually a fox, which lasted for about a year before I felt it wasn't quite interesting to me. But at some point the character and I diverged entirely. Terinas became a sort of trickster, gleefully pulling pranks and causing trouble. Not outright malevolent, but with very little respect for the individual privacy or integrity of others. I have, and probably will again, compare him to Loki from Norse Mythology. Friend and foe alike may need to watch out.

Over his metamorphosis, however, one thing has always been there. Terinas has, and always will have, a small blue quartz crystal he usually keeps tucked underneath the neckline of his shirt. A memento from people he misses but may never see again, he will never part with it. The fact that he also likes to use it to entrance others and bend them to his will certainly doesn't diminish his fondness for the gem, either.

Terinas has had several different interpretations, from the femmy twink Teri in "Overdue at the Library" to the one hanging around flist (if you know where to look you can find him). This paricular model of Mischevious Trickster Tiger is from the story New Paths, which you will be seeing more of soon.
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