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I've finished a quite big drawing of Luna, and it turned out really nice! There are 8 variants (clothed, see through, other type of hair, & etc). There are even 8 more bigger variants without backgrounds. Total 400 Mb and two PSD files which is also around 400 Mb; combined.
Get all the full drawings in either the 10$ or just a few in the 5$ tier.

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If you want some of my older art in HD; they can be found on Gumroad. Posted using PostyBirb

shibeari · 1 month ago · 2 Replies

I can tell how much work you put in this, love seeing the wing feathers and little crown details. Nice job ^^

Terithes · 1 month ago

Thanks! :D
It took about two weeks to make.

shibeari · 1 month ago

It was worth it! ~


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