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HAI!!! *wags tail* i'm Tsine hehee!
Tsine/| Male (Female Physically) | 24 | born in April | ♫
i do prefer to be called a boy please!
I'm a hyper, happy go lucky border collie! 
i love to meet new people and make friends >w<
i love to draw digital and traditional art!
been furry since i was born! 

ohhh something you might need to know....i'm to shy to flirt, so i'm really bad at it...>.>
i end up not knowing what to say~ there could be times i tryyyyy buuuttt...hahaa ^.^'
unless you more of a bottom than me then i'm not so shy but meh~


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how to make my profile adult?

i have put my birth day already :/ it will only let me choose tame O.o that's literally the only option
27/03/2017 02:49


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Tsine Border Collie

Transgender · Border collie · Gay ·
Role-playing Friends
Nicknames Tsine (T-sin) e is silent.
23/05/2016 15:16


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Species: tiger
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Species: Zanji
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