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Okay, Minirant. I Am Sick Of People Assuming I Am A Male, Transgender, Or A Genderfluid. I Am FEMALE, Nothing More Nothing Less. Now, I Support Your Gender Choice And All That. However I Have No Desire To Be A Male, I Am Fully Aware I See Myself As A Female. I Am A Female, And That's That. So When I Upload A Fucking Picture Of Myself And You Ask If I Am Male Or Female, Or Assume I'm A Male In Any Way, Shape Or Form I Will More Than Likely React Very Rudely. And Yes, I Find It Offensive When You Ask. I'm Fairly Large Busted And Curvy, I'm Not Understanding How I Could Look Like A Male, From What I Gather It's My Short Hair. Let Me Just Say This, Many Females Have Short Hair, It's Just Media's Assumption Beauty Comes With Long Hair. As Well As You Might Use The Way I Dress To Validate Why I Could Be Mistaken As A Male. Well Let Me Say This, I'm Not A Girly Girl, I'm A Metal Head. I Like Tripp Pants, Tank Tops, BDUs, Boots And Cargos. My Dad Was My Main Parental Figure, So Ya I'm Not All That Girly. I've Never Had A Desire For Girly Clothes. That Does Not Make Me Any Less Female! I Also Dislike My Haircut Btw, I Miss My Long Black Hair, However Hair Grows Back. So In The Mean Time Please Do Not Assume I Am MALE, I Am FEMALE.

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