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Rest in peace, the McCappers

This one's a tad bit rushed for Mother's Day, but I still hope it's just as good as the others ^^

Slight backstory..
Few days after Ralphy got turned into a cyborg a storm of sorts masqueraded into his home town, unfortunately wiping out his family.
It was later revealed that the storm was synthetic, not natural, and was created by a Bunny Terrorist Organisation.
This explains the comic above and why he hates bunnies.

Let's just be thankful that most of us still have our mothers and families.
Some have lost a member, or more, or -- like Ralphy -- their entire family.
May this Mother's Day remind us all the support that our moms and families have given us through our entire lives.

Okay, now back to more random crap. G'bye! ^^
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