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I think that everyone has that and they still experience it to  this day.
Inspired by a female Youtuber who is a former SJW but got out it once she realized how short sighted and moronic those kind of people really can be. She was looking at some old facebooks rants and she would just laugh and cringe at how stupid she was, and I like to think that most people do when they look back old stuff from maybe like 10 years ago.
Me, I remember some stuff from when I was like 24 and was a member at helgon.se, a community site for emos and goths because I was really into the idea of dating goth chicks (damn those suicide girls are so HOT) and went as far to actually write down poems... Okay I say "poems" but really they were REALLY nonsensical and really bad but to make it worse some people even liked it. Then there are fanfictions, old journals, old comics and so on that kind of makes me cringe and laugh by how embarressing I was. hell I can cringe at some of the youtube videos I made lately!
So yeah, the past won't bite you in the ass but make you cringe... XD

Joe Ronald Martin Nat-Khan English ยท 12/12/2016 02:29

I agreed with that anything or almost anything you did in the past can make you cringe. Or particularly anything or almost anything you did in the present or something like that, well with me it can make me cringe some reason. LOL. Anyway, who is this youtuber you talking about? I agree with her about Social Justice Warriors/the left side of the political spectrum, they are literally retarded or/and cunts, they particularly the same/worst than Alt-right/the right side of the political spectrum. I think. I been honestly, that why I'm mostly centre and bit centre left right now.

(Sorry, for swearing.)

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