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Scorpio       Female (Any pronoun is ok)          Year of the Rooster          American

Hey! I'm commonly known around the net at meowchi75, but I chose a different name here cuz whatever! I'm a traditional artist who is still learning and is currently working on my studio art degree. I love animals and drawing furries, however I AM A CLEAN ARTIST. ONLY ARTISTIC NUDE IS OKAY.

I'm not a very organized person so I upload art at random intervals.

I enjoy making comics and my hobbies include video games, reading fantasy novels, drawing (obviously) and exploring new places. I love random conversations, so please talk if you want :D Just as long as you don't say anything over PG-13.


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Uh, hi! I totally forgot about this site haha ^^; I'll do my best to upload more often here but if you want more up to date stuff from me, I recommend watching my FA, DA, or weasyl {}
26/05/2019 18:26

Organization Help?

Hey! It's been awhile, furrific. Actually, it's been awhile to all my art websites in general. I've been dealing with lack of inspiration and lack of time due to school so regrettably, I forgot about a lot of my alternate websites. I have an extremely hard time multi-tasking with websites, I usua...
22/05/2016 22:21


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