The_Conspirer the Cackle is feeling Stressed
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"Conspi, are you dead?!" I'm not. Just tired as hell and busy with personal crap. Also I don't have a working drawing tablet anymore, so don't expect a lot of art from me. Doing art with a mouse is harder than you'd think. :v
04/03/2018 01:09
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Who draws wolverines well?

While I was on vacation in mid July I got inspiration for a character. I posted the basics to my fa account, but I'm going to post it here too in case I accidentally delete the journal there. HABIT Wolverine Undecided gender Broken in the head(totally craycray) Mismatched pupil sizes, possibly ...
30/07/2016 07:03

Conspi, where are you?!

Sleeping, lol. The answer is sleeping. That is where I have been. Vacation time with the family was nice, but EXHAUSTING. Literally, I've been sleeping about 16 hours a day since we got home, and I leave again soon for a few more days. Taking the time to heal up from the trip(guess which genius...
27/07/2016 06:36

I do take commissions... xD

I'm not sure anyone in this site knows this, but I do take commissions on the bases that I have. All of my commissions are Pay What You Want, the more you pay, the more you get. "Why not set prices?" - I'm trying to draw in customers so I can save up money for vacation with my mom over her birth...
28/05/2016 15:04


Gallery shift from FA to Furiffic is officially complete. ^^ I'll be uploading ALL artwork I do/have/get here from now on, and only specific pieces on my FA profile. I do have an account on Weasyl, but I don't use it. I do have a Tumblr, but I don't use it. I have a DeviantArt, but I don't use i...
23/03/2016 00:14