The Great MC the Wolf/werewolf is feeling Jubilant
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I am the greatest.
You will never forget me.

I am the one, the only, The Great MC. A shitty artist and pretentious pseudo-intellectual. This is another place where I post all my art.

Note!  I won't be doing much favoriting, commenting or subscribing on this site since I already do a bunch of that on FurAffinity, Furry Network, DeviantArt and Tumblr.  This is just another place to sell myself.  I'm much more active on the afore mentioned sites.


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Summer Conventions and Commissions

So I've finally gotten my rooms for Colossalcon and Anthrocon! Now I just need to raise $500! So, yeah! Commission me!
03/05/2017 03:50
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Open for Commissions!

Just in case I forgot to mention it here, I'm open for commissions!
01/04/2017 03:37


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Wanna be friends!? I love making friends!
28/08/2016 11:50


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I'm a slutty, rainbow colored, femboy fox faggot. What do you mean that's cliché as fuck? ...
08/11/2015 03:20


Dreamsthefox posted to The Great MC

18/04/2017 15:49

I love your art! The M series made me cry.

The Great MC · 18/04/2017 19:19

Thanks.  The M Series comes from some very personal experiences.  And thanks for the favorites and subscribing.
Stay tuned!

Dreamsthefox · 18/04/2017 19:39

You're  welcome

Alomniux posted to The Great MC

26/02/2017 01:43

Your M-series is so good and it touches the heart of someone very quckly

The Great MC · 26/02/2017 17:56

Thanks!  And thanks for subscribing.
Stay tuned!